NMTS Board of Directors:

New Mexico Thoracic Society Board of Directors – 2018 - 2019

Cory Hicks, MD
Chest Medicine of New Mexico
Email: Chicks@chestmednm.com

Sivakumar Nagaraju, MD
Immediate Past-President
DaVita Medical Group
Email: sivakumar.nagaraju@abqhp.com

Leslie Kumpf, RRT, CPFT, AE-C
Vice President
University of New Mexico Hospital
Email: lekumpf@salud.unm.edu

Judy Holcombe
Chapter Administrator &
New Mexico Thoracic Society
Email: jbholcombe1@q.com

Polly Dendy, BSRT, RRT,-NPS
Committee Member
Pima Medical Insitute
Email: pdendy@pmi.edu

Lucie Griffin, MD
Committee Member
University of New Mexico
Email: lsgriffi@salud.unm.edu

Oleh Hnatiuk, MD, FCCP
UNM School of Medicine
Email: oleh.hnatiuk@centurylink.net

Rachel Kudera, BSRT, RRT, RPSGT
PMG Sleep Clinic and Presbyterian Sleep Disorders Centers
Email: rkudera@phs.org

Bruce Miller, MD
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Email: Bmiller2@phs.org

Robert Quintela, BS, RRT, RCP
PIMA Medical Institute
Email: rquintela@pmi.edu

Liz Smith, RPSGT
Planning Committee Member
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Email: esmith12@phs.org     

Gemma Zapater
Symposium Manager
Email: gczapater@gmail.com